A home inspection… with teeth!

Homeowners and buyers deserve to have the best inspection they can possibly get. If there’s anything wrong with the house, you will know. We’re honest, direct, and to the point – it’s like a home inspection with teeth.

We’re extremely thorough, as you may have guessed. We use all sorts of high tech gadgets to pinpoint any problems there may be, like infrared scanners and video borescopes – the kind of stuff you only see in movies. Our results are also computer generated, so you can be sure that they’ll be accurate.

Some may call us too thorough, which really doesn’t make much sense to us. If you want to move into a home of the same quality as the one you’re moving out of, then it only makes sense to get the best inspection you can get.


Chris MacDonald, Owner

Chris MacDonald - Chrissymac InspectionsChris MacDonald moved from Hawaii when he was 3 months old and has lived in Florida for practically his entire life — so he’s certainly no stranger in these parts.

He believes in working hard and has done so his entire life, starting his career in marine construction and dredging and later moved on to framing and wiring homes. In 1987, he finished his contractor’s license and has been inspecting homes ever since.