Anyone Up for a Swim, the ChrissyMac Chronicles

While performing one of my extravagant home inspections in the Melbourne and Indialantic area, I stumbled upon one of the greatest patch ups that I had ever seen. I have witnessed a lot of odd things in my life of being a home inspector, but this had to top things off. I went up into an attic that had to of been 110 degrees, and lo and behold I found a blow-up kiddie swimming pool in the far corner of the attic collecting water from a roof leak. Honestly as hot as it was in the attic, if the pool would have been a little bigger and had more water I might of gone for a swim. I have seen some crazy patch work but this was the champion of bad/quick fixes. Obviously this is a red flag for inspectors and kept me alert through the entire inspection.

Let’s look at some of the effects of installing a blow up kiddie pool in the attic to catch rain water and any other type of moisture that is leaking through the roof.

The Effects of Installing Swimming Pools in Attics

  1. Electrical Damage: If the pool were to fill up with water and over flow or burst, all of the electrical wires spread out through the attic would be in danger of coming into contact with the water from the pool. Who wants electrical damage or the possibility of being electrocuted? No one!!
  2. Live weight on the ceiling: Ceilings are not meant to hold up live weight created by the swimming pool holding water. You will damage the ceiling and potentially, if enough weight accumulates, the swimming pool will fall through the ceiling. Who wants to deal with that headache?
  3. It’s a water bowl for rodents: Now the rodents that can potentially infest your attic will have plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy so they won’t have to slow down while chewing through insulation, duct work, and electrical wiring.
  4. Mold and Mildew Creator: Any moisture inside of your attic is bad. Especially a pool full of it. It can potentially create mold and mildew, something no one deserves in their cozy home. Mold will get you and your loved ones sick so let’s not help out the situation by adding moisture in bad places, like the attic.

So before you go about being a handyman and fixing your own home problems and damages, remember that blow-up swimming pools do not fix roof leaks! In fact, by not properly handling home problems over time the damages will get worse and eventually you will not be able to ignore it.

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