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Being the Best: A Lesson in Attic Ventilation

When hired by a client to perform a home inspection in the Satellite Beach/Melbourne Florida area Chrissy Mac Inspections takes things very seriously. We make sure to leave no stone unturned to give our clients the best inspections possible, whether we are on the job three hours or three days. While most inspections are not conducted this way we like to think of ourselves as being the top of the lot, the cream of the crop, or simply the elite.

When tasked with a 4,000 sq foot Satellite Beach home, we knew we were looking at a long day of crawling, searching, finding, and revealing the blunders and imperfections of a beautiful ocean front home. From the outside this place shined with magnificence and promise of a well maintained and functioning home. From the inside we discovered an entirely different beast which concurs with the old quote, “never, judge a book by its cover”. You should never prejudge or presume the worth or value of a thing by its outward appearance alone!!! Although we stumbled upon many problems and glitches, I want to educate and reiterate the importance of attic ventilation.

“When an attic is ventilated properly, air circulation occurs naturally through convection that allows air to be drawn in from the outside from lower elevation areas of the attic (soffit vents) and exhausted through higher areas (ridge vents, dormer vents or roof turbines) in a process of drafting similar to the way a chimney works. It boils down to a simple concept that every elementary school student learns in science class: hot air rises.”

The Advantages of Proper Attic Ventilation

  1. Improves the life expectancy of the roof material/covering, especially that of
    dimensional and three-tab shingles
  2. Helps keep your home cooler, which is huge in the State of Florida whether it’s Melbourne, Palm Bay or Satellite Beach
  3. Keeps your attic from collecting unwanted moisture and condensation

The Disadvantages of Poor Attic Ventilation

  1. Takes away some life of your roof material/covering
  2. Will not only keep your attic and roof hot and stuffy but effects the inside temperature of your home too.
  3. Promotes wood rot in the attic through condensation and moisture from the outside air getting trapped inside the attic, sometimes being able to observe suspected visual microbial growth which sometimes could develop into mold and /or mildew.
  4. Destroys attic insulation and lowers the R-value of your insulation through trapped moisture penetrating insulation

By discovering that this beautiful ocean front home in Satellite Beach did not have the proper attic ventilation we staggered upon a whole new set of problems that were not visible from the exterior of the structure. One of the biggest problems that we found was that the roof to wall attachments, in this case single wraps, were completely destroyed by rust that accumulated from the salty hot ocean air getting imprisoned in the attic. Without proper roof to wall attachments you’re looking at some costly home owners insurance as well as the entire structure being weakened which isn’t good for a home that is in constant threat of high winds and hurricanes. We also noticed that the air condenser units (ac) had to work twice as hard to keep the house cool which affects your electric bill and overworks your ac units.

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