In addition to home inspections, ChrissyMac, Inc Home Inspections offers 4-Pointinspections and Wind Mitigation, as well as a variety of other services. You could say that our inspections cover everything, including the kitchen sink.

To ensure integrity, we don’t work on anything that we inspect.

Here are some of the things we inspect:

  • Exterior – includes walls, grading, patios, sidewalks or driveways, soffits, doors, window, gutters, downspouts, retaining walls, irrigation system, fences, and gates. We just ask that you try to keep ankle-biters and angry garden gnomes off the lawn. They tend to interfere with the inspection.
  • Structure – foundation, columns, floors, walls, crawlspace, and chimneys. Trust us, if there’s a space, we can get in there. Don’t underestimate us.
  • Roofing – includes coverings, flashings, structure, skylights, vents, and chimney stacks. We won’t mark you off for Christmas lights though. We are only testing those because we think they’re cool.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning – current state, combustion system, supply and discharge lines, ductwork, venting, controls, and thermostats. And a house in Florida without air conditioning isn’t a house; it’s an oven. Don’t try to convince us otherwise.
  • Electrical – includes grounding, service entrance, branch circuits, circuit integrity, outlets, and panels. We make sure it all works properly without frying anyone. Don’t get us wrong, we love electricity. We’re just not too crazy about being electrocuted by 1,800 watts worth of it.
  • Insulation – on the walls, attic, floors ductwork, lines, and air or vapor barriers. If your walls lack insulation, then you could just shove a couple sleeping bags in there and you should be fine, right? No, not really. Please don’t do that.
  • Plumbing – supply line, fixtures, distribution lines, functional flow, vents, traps, and drains. Sorry, if you plumbed the house for beer, you won’t pass the inspection.
  • Interior – includes ceilings, walls, windows, doors, floors, staircases, smoke detectors, and fireplaces. We can inspect furniture too, but we’re only doing it just to see if it’s comfy.
  • Marine Construction – docks, sea walls, boat lifts, riprap, dredging, and wind mitigation. With a long history of marine construction, this is something that Chris is uniquely qualified for.