Hey Chris,

I just want to thank you for your recent inspection of Dunes Unit #401. Both, the Buyer and the Seller thanked me for your professionalism and detailed report. The buyer asked for a large repair credit at close ($5,900.00) and although I didn’t think the seller would approve the credit, it was the report that made the seller believe that these repairs were necessary. In 20 years of Real Estate I haven’t seen a seller embrace a large credit in such a way, nor appreciate a detailed inspection report.

So thanks again, this deal will now close with both sides happy

Garat Oates, Broker/Owner - Reliance Trust Realty and Investments


I just wanted to say thank you for today and that I know you are going to take care of me and my family.  I was very disappointed in the news of the roof as was my husband Bryan.  He and I talked a lot today about everything and really hope you can either talk to the person who is going to repair the roof or can be there when they are at the house.  Although the sellers hired the roofers we are sharing the cost of the reroof from the previous inspection you did.  I don’t know who dropped the ball but if I was the sellers I would of been up the roofers backsides the whole time they were doing the roof and questioning them and everything, that is something I have learned from Holmes.  I know everyone can’t be everywhere all the time but I do think that was poor lack of judgement on the sellers part and feel they should have to foot the bill for this now.  I cannot and will not allow my children to even possibly live in a house with wood rot with a change for any mold especially my daughter who has bad asthma.  Anyone who doesn’t hire you is a fool because in our eyes you are the best in America possibly even better than Holmes!  Anyway I just want to say thank you for everything.

- Crystal McPhail

Chrissymac Inspections, Inc. is all about honesty, reliability and exceptional customer service. Chris has completed two comprehensive inspections as well as 4 Point and Wind Mitigation reports on two properties I was considering purchasing in the Melbourne area. Chrissymac Inspections is very tech savvy and the price of services is very reasonable. All of the reports were exceptionally detailed and very easy to understand. Chris is professional, patient and thorough answering questions or concerns. Chris went above and beyond to make sure any deficiencies or possible future problems were pointed out, in particular as relates to insurance, so that I could remedy them. To point out Chris’ exceptional customer service, all these activities occurred while I was still in Texas. You can absolutely count on this guy to come through when you need him.  Chris, thank you for exceptional customer service, helping make this move happen and for being someone I can count on!

- Tena Rodgers

I honestly could not say enough good thing’s about Chris MacDonald. He was referred to me by my realtor at the time, and since then has done two home inspections for me, on two different homes. He spent as much time as it took to inspect the house and to explain any insufficiencies to me. He also explained what needed to be done to correct the insufficiencies, and them he came back after they where fixed to reinspect. It is a huge piece of mind to know there are no unexpected problems that may arise after buying your new home. It is a true pleasure to work with Chris. He is on time, and his inspections are thorough. His reports are detailed and easy to read, he is very knowledgeable in his field, he’s responsible, trust worthy, and timely in getting your report right back to you. Most importantly he is a super nice person and truly cares about his clients best interest. I would not hire anybody besides Chris MacDonald.

- Jennifer Miles

Sounds like more Realtors need you…

-Sue Tillman